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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Guys who kinda look like Muhammed

Alright already, please stop the cartoon madness!! I've been confused about this cartoon blasphemy thing on so many levels, I can't begin to unravel it. But one thing I noticed: the cartoons I saw mostly featured bearded guys who could've been any old dipwad. Indeed, perhaps one or two of them were actually labelled 'Muhammed', which is a pretty common name around the globe. That's blasphemy? I think you're getting a little closer if you actually title your cartoon "The Prophet Muhammed".
Anyway, I've now decided you can easily rile somebody up just by posting images of guys with beards, since that was the main common thread in the Jyllands-Post postings. So here ya go: Pictures of Dudes who kinda look like Muhammed!


Blogger rwilymz said...

... the Queen of Hearts has extended you an invitation to the croquet pitch on the morrow ...

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