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Monday, September 11, 2006

It could happen on Meridian Street

8:50 AM, 9/11/06, downtown Indianapolis. My daily morning journey to work includes not only my drive from the western 'burbs to downtown Indy, it also features a walk from my company's Henry Street parking garage, up to my office at 30 S. Meridian Street. In the six blocks between the garage and Monument Circle is the Warehouse District. More often than not, my path merges or collides with that of a nice young working girl. This summer, I've seen lots of them, making their way to work at any one of the office buildings on Meridian Street just north of the Warehouse District. Take this morning, for instance. I saw a pretty blonde girl appear on the right side of the street, coming out of Union Station Garage. A block later, she crossed over to the left side of Meridian, which is where I was at. We walked in tandem for about three blocks. She finally veered off to the left, into a corner building lobby. During this time, I pondered my opportunity to ask the gal out. As I've done before, I declined to do anything, thinking that she looked too unhappy. Of course, this was Monday morning, so maybe I should have cancelled out that observation. This scenario seems to happen a lot.
When I walk through the Warehouse District, I always pass by one of Indy's most popular bars, The Slippery Noodle Inn. There's a slogan on the Noodle's shingle that says, 'Dis is it'. Dis is it, indeed. If a guy wants a wide-open shot at asking a desirable, eligible single girl out, without the pressure of bar-goers or work colleagues or Wal-mart customers watching you, a stroll through the Warehouse District in the rush-hour morning puts a guy in the driver's seat. "Hi, my name's Ross, what's your name. Oh, ----, that's a pretty name. Would you wanna go out some time? Maybe lunch?” Perhaps I could get to the garage early, make the walk once, then take the shuttle back to the garage for a second pass. There are probably hundreds of single girls walking up Meridian through the District on any given workday. And the Warehouse District has color, a touch of intrigue and romance. What a great place to meet a girl. Bust a move, boy.


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