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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Weekend Jubilee/Extravaganza At The Union

I'll try and post more about this, but mark it down on your calendars that this weekend (Saturday and Sunday nights) I will holding court at the Indiana Memorial Union hotel (in Bloomington, IN). Numerous fine dignitaries and luminaries will probably come by and pay their respects, and you're all invited, too! We'll even go out and drag back a couple of frosty kegs, if need be. Reuben, consider this your shout-out! Hot chicks are particularly welcome.


Anonymous Reuben said...

Damn! I hate to miss out on what will no doubt be one fine soiree in one fine old hotel. Do you think that Delbert Grady, Jack Torrance, Dick Hallorann (Scatman, where art thou?), or even our trusty old pal Lloyd will make it? Damn!

I do have this next week off - and no plans. Indy sounds like a nice place to visit later in the week.

The Rube

8:54 PM  

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