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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Note about Brinkster (and databases)

Brinkster, if you don't know, is a large webhosting company. I have my website posted there. Based on my experience with them, they seem to do a pretty good job. Anyway, I discovered today that to add a record into a hosted Access (or SQL) data table, you type a straightforward Append/Insert query into the site's Database Manager Data Window (not actually called "Data Window", but it's easy to find and understand once you're in the Database Manager), and just leave off the 'FROM' element of the statement:
INSERT INTO Blog ( Title, Post, Name, PostTime )
SELECT "Non Sequitur" AS Expr1, "Women are inscrutable. Arrgh!" AS Expr2, "Ross" AS Expr3, Now() AS Expr4;

Pretty simple! I'd forgotten you could run a query without the 'FROM'. Good to know.


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