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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Illegal immigration

President Bush had better change his tune very quickly, or it's going to be too late for him to say any pronouncements against illegal immigration with any perceived sincerity. I say that with the non-too-solid assumption that it isn't too late already. As I write, we're already a few days past large demonstrations (tens, even hundreds of thousands of people) who identify themselves as "Latino" or "Chicano", waving Mexican flags and often claiming that much of the United States is part of their Aztlan homeland (As an aside, I'm now frequently reflecting on the time a work colleague of mine, from the Dominican Republic, said,"What the hell is a Chicano?!? Is that a Mexican from Chicago?"). Public opinion is shifting, crystallizing, becoming inflamed, against the break from the law that Mexican and Central American illegals have enjoyed for years. Some of us Republicans on the sidelines are wondering what our party and our president should do about all of this. Merits and principles of the immigration arguments aside, here's the simple political tail-covering reason why to oppose amnesty: Very soon, there will be incidents of violence and death between American citizens and Mexican nationals. It may happen with a Minuteman on the border, in a restaurant, on a college campus. Who knows where? But it WILL happen, and there will be a decisive inflammation of public opinion on the immigration matter. And there will be lots of political suicides. Face the unfolding drama now, Mr. President. The train is leaving the station.


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