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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

8/19 Saturday Nite; I went to the Abbey again. Finally got a little bold: some college-ish gals were there at a booth, one struck me as pretty (dirty hi-lite blonde locks, clear complexion, green/yellow eyes, healthy Welsh/Anglic nose, bubbly bootee). My Guinevere! After a while, I walked by their table, said "Hey, I noticed you were looking at some books. Here's what you should read...Martin Amis...he's British, any of his stuff("Is it wild, etc.?") "Oh yeah, it's wild partying, his 70's shit is pretty wild, any of his 70s and 80s stuff is great." I gave the bloody book away! Hey, I actually sounded pretty suave there, the gals were impressed (well, WHO does shit like that, free novels?). Great experience; no phone number, but I felt emboldened, and built some mystique with some strangers. I need a supply of giveaway books, awesome tool. I read Warhol used to give away swag, it might work for me. The girl at the counter said green-eyes IS the one of the group she's seen in the joint before. I'll see Guinevere again. I know, you're thinking I'm a bit full of myself. Yes, I am. Screw you if you can't handle it!


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