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Monday, July 31, 2006

More singleguy36 notes

(11:44am Monday, office cube) Have I mentioned that I’m a saxophone player? Yes, I played quite a bit growing up. Did some jam sessions throughout the years (last one was a year ago), break the thing out for a blow at home every once in a while. I noticed here and there that the chicks dig it. Why haven’t I exploited that selling point, then? Fear of the public, I suspect. I’ve actually played at open mic nights 3 times in my life. Pretty good experiences, but I found that some beers helped smooth things out. Maybe I’ll give it a try. Does that sound like a way to meet someone?
On the Internet, I looked for a listing of open mic nights in Indianapolis, but there isn’t one. I laboriously put one together for myself, culled from a variety of sources. I think I’ll post it for you! Does that sound good? Perhaps this site will have some altruistic benefit after all.
Don’t worry if you don’t play an instrument. It could well be a good place to meet girls, after all. I’ve believe, from a bit that I’ve seen over the years, that girls get in a special mood at live music events, especially when they’re small and intimate, as open mic settings tend to be. Indy will finally get its much-needed open mic list, and maybe we’ll find some gals to have fun with. And hey, these are gals who really appreciate music. That’s a good thing.
I’ll keep you updated on the upcoming list-posting. Haven’t quite worked it out yet. I could start the post now, but the initial list is at home, and I’m stuck at work for now. See ya around, and please check back.


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