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Monday, October 02, 2006

Indianapolis Coffee Houses: Lazy Daze Coffee House

12:21 PM, Sunday, October 1, 2006, Lazy Daze Coffee House - I finally was able to visit, albeit briefly, Lazy Daze Cofeehouse on the east side of Indianapolis, in the increasingly hip Irvington area. The setting of the Lazy Daze property: an old brick buildings, tucked into a narrow street, itself tucked improbably into the trees just adjacent to busy, speedy Washington Street. A bit claustrophobic, but in a charming European way. The inside, with tan couches, is snug, homey, a little dank, with the low ceiling and little standing room. The petite blonde barista was friendly, very fast. Good coffee. A lot of postings and flyers telling the patrons about artistic, cultural, and musical events and groups. In short, Lazy Daze appears to be quite involved in its neighborhood. The windows are hung with artistic glasswork (much of it being tagged for sale). Outside, there is a spacious deck to lounge on, with wicker chairs and faux stone-and-tile tables. I saw a lot of 30 and 40-somethings, some dogs and kids in tow; patrons were generally engaged in neighbors-at-the-fence type chat. I was in too much of a hurry to do thorough review of the establishment; perhaps a full review will come soon. An interesting plus if you stop by here: There is a used bookstore, called Book Mama's, right across the street (meaning it's practically in your face, since the street is about 8 feet wide). Also, Lazy Daze has free WiFi. Short of giving a rating, I'd say it was a quite promising and intriguing visit. I'll give Lazy Daze, and the Irvington village, a more full and fair review in the weeks ahead.


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