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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Red Eye Cafe: A Slight Recant

OK, maybe I was a bit harsh about the Red Eye. I found myself beating a path down there on a Tuesday afternoon. Why? They're the ONLY establishment near the Circle* that has FREE WiFi! And on Tuesday, November 14, the WiFi need was quite urgent. Otherwise, I would have missed out on getting a free** viewing of a fetching Bengalese girl doing a sultry dance in a saree. So, I'll gladly throw the ol' Red Eye a bone: If you like free WiFi - 3 stars. If you like a nice clean restroom to yakk up your Whiskey Sours at 3AM in......3 stars. Soothing contemplation with a cappuccino in hand? Eh?...... sorry, 2 stars. This place just feels too much like a Denny's with high ceilings. But you could do worse around these parts.
  • *That I know of so far.
  • **Yes, it was really free!! No rupees exchanged hands or any other body parts.


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