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Monday, January 29, 2007


Let's forget about all this fancy-schmancy coffee crap. I just keep thinking about....mmmmmmmm, burgers! Good stuff! I'm on the lookout for them every chance I get. I get two Value Meals now, because if I order just one Quarter Pounder, it's gone before I get home! LOL! Right now, I think I prefer McDonald's. Why? Well, there's something reassuring about that Corporate taste. You say, Corporate?!? Yuck! But think about it: If you want a good dental plan, do you get a job at a) a Corporate place, or b) a mom n' pop place? Corporate, of course! Well, it's the same thing with burger quality: you KNOW what you're getting at MickeyD's. But at Mom n' Pop's, you don't know if you'll get a) a burger from paradise, or b) botulism. It's a dice roll. But sometimes I get sick of McDonald's, and go someplace else. But not Burger King. Some bald goofball told me a few years ago that Flame-Broiling causes cancer, so I stay away from that shit. So my 'alternative' burger is Hardee's (NO, not Wendy's, that place is kind of girly). You can't beat that Monster burger, it'll get you through a cold Indiana winter just fine! I was at a Hardee's the other day, and this guy wanted a Hardee's burger WITHOUT CHEESE. The lady behind the counter yelled to the fry cook to hold the cheese, no problem. But I know what I would've done, I would've stared at him like, you dipwad! I just kept thinking to myself, "you dumbass!" LOL!


Anonymous The Rube said...

Wendy's is not only 'girly', it's just gross. And I'm not talking about their image or their food. Look, I avoid public restrooms like the plague but sometimes you ain't gotta choice. Wendy's is NOT the place to go if you gotta go. Unlike all other fast food chains, Wendy's has restrooms with doorknobs. Yep, you have no choice, you gotta reach out and turn the damn thing with your hand. And you KNOW it's the filthy fat-ass who doesn't flush who just touched it before you did. If you think ahead and are wearing a jacket you can at least pull your hand inside your sleeve and turn the knob or you can do as I do on the way out and grab a handful of clean paper towels to turn the knob and then toss the contaminated paper on the floor as you pass through the dooor. But just think of all those moronic fast-food employees who can't or don't think. They use that restroom and turn that disgusting knob with their bare hand - just before returning to their drive-through job where they'll momentarily be handing you your order. Some do it on purpose I'm sure. Damn, I get sick thinking about it just going through their drive through.

10:20 PM  
Blogger Ross said...

Rube, why did you have to remind me about the 'cleanliness'? LOL! Guess I'll have to start keeping a stash of Lance crackers in the glovebox.

9:44 AM  

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